Since 2016 , Ceetrus has been engaged on a path towards becoming a global actor in real estate and, in a more general sense, in urban development. Having founded its expertise on its capacity to bring clients and major retail chains together, Ceetrus now wants to do the same at the level of the individual inhabitant and the town/city.

The company is accelerating its development by investing in new areas related to its core business, namely neighborhood planning and the construction of residential accommodation, offices and service & leisure real estate … Ceetrus’s objective is to create multi-functional living spaces offering strong added value – places in which people come together and meet, interact socially and live together as a community.

Guided by our long-term vision of regional urban planning, we consider a variety of both disparate and intertwined issues: architectural quality, urban integration and cohesion, transport and accessibility, eco-design, construction and management, innovation, and more.

We help each community define its needs. By proactively listening to others, we are able to craft a solution that specifically addresses their spatial and development issues. As we create or renew urban spaces, we continue to monitor the evolution of our mixed-use properties at all stages of their development.

Our missions

We link people

We believe that real estate is not an end in itself. Every project, whatever it may be, is first and foremost a response to urban needs and issues. We also believe that any project, any development, any asset should help us make connections — to connect people, uses, needs and solutions; to connect urban functions, regions, partners, experts; to seamlessly connect the physical and the digital worlds. This is why creating links, connections, synergies and positive relationships is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Creating sustainable, smart and lively places

For 40 years, we have been creating places. But our mission is so much more than that. When we think about the design, planning, development or management of real estate, we seek to produce content rather than just a container. Our goal is to enhance quality of life and quality of use. We seek to create places that foster encounters and interactions, that strengthen the fabric of society around them. We create connected places, that house and generate information, innovation, solutions and services, urban, social and economic intelligence. Be they virtual or physical, they are socially responsible, unifying, joint enterprises, and open to new ideas. We promote a vision of multi-functional real estate that delivers added value for all its stakeholders, that fully  integrates into the daily lives of users/clients/residents/employees/citizens, and into the longterm vision of the region’s public and private players.

To brighten up everyday life

Our mission is to brighten up everyday life. This we do first and foremost through the places we create — bright, colourful, pleasant to live in sources of well-being. We also seek to add value toand drive the success of our partners, both public and private. We seek to develop local regions, bring out their strengths and reveal their soul. We seek to create an increasingly transparent relationship with our ecosystem. And finally, we seek to become a standard-bearer for our clients and partners, and inspire a sense of pride in our teams

Our attitudes


We care for the world and each person in it. We take great care in what we do. We are committed to integrating each project into its local area over the long-term, with our primary objective being to help those who use our premises to thrive.


We co-construct with local communities to design the cities and uses of tomorrow. And we co-create with users whose expertise we recognize, in partnership with leading players in their field. Every project is designed within its ecosystem at every stage, from requirement specifications to the search for creative solutions.


Our continuous improvement process leads us to constantly re-examine ourselves in order to do more and better.


We are passionately committed, and we encourage active engagement by our stakeholders. As reliable experts closely attuned to our clients, we keep our promises and have a long-term vision.