Immochan becomes Ceetrus

01 June 2018

On June 5, 2018, Immochan becomes Ceetrus. A symbol of the transformation that the company has been going through for two years, this new name embodies its evolution from a commercial real estate company to a mixed-use real estate developer.

With 393 shopping centers around the world, Ceetrus started building, in strong partnership with citizens and territories, living spaces integrating retail, housing, offices and urban infrastructure. By creating sustainable, smart and lively spaces, the mission of Ceetrus is to build or develop the social links that will animate the city of tomorrow.

A new vision of the company supported by the employees

Cities and neighborhoods are transforming and reorganizing around new generation buildings that respond to citizens’ lifestyle. In order to take these evolutions into account, two years ago Ceetrus launched a global reflection on its future model with all of its employees and key partners. This is how its Vision 2030 was born. This vision states the mission of Ceetrus: to build links between citizens by creating sustainable, smart and lively places.

Driven by its new vision, Ceetrus is transforming itself into becoming, much more than a commercial real estate company, a global real estate player. To answer accurately to the needs of citizens and the particularities of each territory, the company redesigned its activities as developer, site manager, investor and innovator.

While being a strong international player in commercial real estate, Ceetrus engages at a district or site level to co-construct and animate mixed-use places organized around housing, offices, hotels, nurseries, major urban infrastructures, leisure, culture and health centers.

The will to bear a new name representing the new activities of the company

To start this new chapter in the history of the company and support its ambitions over the long term, the company decided to change its name. Wishing for this strong sign of change, the employees of the company participated in the search for the new name of Immochan: Ceetrus. This new brand reflects its new identity as a global urban player.

Still proud of its retailing DNA, Ceetrus is now focusing on the city of tomorrow. Its name combines the words “city”, its playground, “see” the observation of citizens’ needs and its ability to answer them, “trust” the trust and reliability with which it works and “us” all together, in co-construction. “With citizens, for citizens” is the signature of a brand that co-constructs with citizens, at the service of citizens: employees, residents, businesses, communities, partners …


The implementation of ambitious projects, in phase with the new vision

The transformation of the company gave birth to projects that are proofs of its new identity.

Ceetrus co-builds, in a strong partnership approach with the different actors of the territory, global urban solutions integrating housing, offices, spaces for leisure, culture and services:

  • Romania, the new Coresi district takes shape with the delivery of the first 400 housing units of a total program of 3000 apartments. The Coresi Avantgarden residential complex complements the largest urban regeneration project in Romania. An offices complex of 40,000 m² and a shopping and leisure center of 60,000 m² have already been created for 3 years.
  • Spain, Vigo: construction of a railway station of national order. 125,000 m² of commerce and services will be animated in the heart of the city.
  • Luxembourg, Cloche d’Or: mixed operation (construction of a shopping center, housing, medical center, services center) in the new district of La Cloche d’Or
  • France, Saint-André-lez-Lille: development of a residential and offices district in the heart of the Lille metropolis.

At the same time, Ceetrus also strives to increase the attractiveness of its existing sites by adding new functions to make them lively and innovative places to live.

  • France, Lyon Saint Priest, extension of the center to make it a place of commerce, culture and leisure, completed by an urban farm project
  • Italy, renovation and extension of the centers of Mestre and Fano with an innovative concept of “Emotional Food”
  • France, 2017, 8,000 participants at the “Explorers in the Grass” action in 18 centers
  • International call for projects, Beyond Retail Challenge, 258 registered start-ups to bring innovative solutions and enrich the customer experience